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ShearGenius Geisha shears

The Intelligent Choice

Product Perfection


Finely balanced, perfectly tensioned, and stays sharper for longer, ShearGenius Shears are as beautiful as they are functional. I’ve put my personal touch on every scissor, from design till they are in your hands, and I promise you they’re the finest hair cutting shears you’ll ever encounter.

Well-priced Products


Why are our ShearGenius so well priced compared to other quality Shears? Simply put, there is no middle man. ShearGenius wholesale directly to you the hairdresser, Unlike other scissor companies, you won’t find ShearGenius being on sold through Hair & Beauty distributors putting on their profits.

Best Shears in the Market


Our highly regarded Sensei’s (Scissorsmiths) only use Supreme Japanese Forged Ultimate alloy, so you can expect your ShearGenius investment to feel great in your hand, and - with the appropriate upkeep - last many, many years. You get what you pay for when it comes to tools of the trade.


Best Sellers

With so many shears to choose from it could become overwhelming when investing in your precious shears, our focus was to design the most stylish yet comfortable and durable shears on the market and then wholesale direct to you the hairstylists.

Ultimate Shears


Bundle and Save


Our Story

The Guys Started their award-winning hairdressing careers in the early 1990s.

After 20 decorated years of Hairdressing, ShearGenius Scissorsmiths was officially established in 2009.

ShearGenius is the favoured scissor company of the AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSING INDUSTRY, selling over 20,000 scissors to Australian Hairdressers just like you.

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