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Geisha Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Geisha Professional Hairdressing Scissors. If you're looking for the ultimate hair cutting experience, look no further!

Introducing the 2022 edition of the Butterfly range, designed by our founder 15 years ago. The Geisha Scissors are the perfect balance of comfort and precision. With slightly lighter weight and smaller finger holes, you'll find that these scissors will provide you with an effortless, all-round experience.

We offer three sizes - 5-inch, 5.5 inch, and 6 inch - so you can choose the perfect fit for your needs. And if you're looking for a complete hair cutting solution, check out our Geisha Scissor and Thinner Bundle. This bundle includes both the Geisha Scissors and a matching Geisha Thinner, so you have all the tools you need to create beautiful, professional hairstyles.

All our Hairdressing scissors are made with the highest quality Japanese Steel and are designed to last. If you're a professional stylist looking for a great pair of scissors the Geisha Professional Hairdressing Scissors are the perfect choice.

And with a price of just $395.00, you won't find a better value for such a high-quality product. So why wait? Order your Geisha Scissors today and see the difference for yourself!