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Shear Genius Channeler

This multi-functional texturiser will not only help unleash your creativity, but also level up your current skill set. More than a pleasure to use, these Channelers  induce fun and make every haircut better. They also allow you to add texture without compromising the haircuts structure.

Shear Genius Channeller is a specialized type of scissors used  to create precise, clean cuts in hair. These scissors have a unique design that features a straight, narrow cutting edge on one blade and a deeper "channel" or groove on the other blade. This allows you to guide and control the hair as you cut, resulting in a more precise and accurate cut. The channeller is typically used for cutting short to medium-length hair, particularly for creating textured and layered styles. Many hairdressers prefer the channeller to other scissors because of the precision it offers when cutting hair.



Forged Japanese VG 10
Ergonomic Handle
Tension Adjuster
Extreme Convex Edge
Silver Finish
Lifetime Warranty