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Barberella Professional Thinners

With 35 precise teeth, this thinning scissor is designed to seamlessly blend and texturize hair with ease. Whether you're looking to create natural-looking layers or add movement to your client's hair, the Barberella Thinning Scissor is the perfect tool.

Just like the Barberella Shear, this thinning scissor is made with high-quality Japanese steel and is built to last. The comfortable, ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and reduces hand fatigue, making it easy to work with precision.

And with a size of 6.5 inches, this thinning scissor is the perfect complement to the Barberella Shear. So if your looking for a great pair of thinning scissors, the Barberella 6.5 Inch 35 Tooth Thinning Scissor is the ideal choice.

So don't wait, order your Barberella Thinning Scissor today and see the difference for yourself! With its unbeatable combination of comfort, precision, and performance, this thinning scissor is the perfect addition to your hair cutting arsenal.

✔️ Forged Japanese 440c 
✔️ Ergonomic Handle
✔️ Tension Adjuster
✔️ Extreme Convex Edge
✔️ Silver Finish
✔️ Lifetime Warranty