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Geisha Left Handed professional Hairdressing Thinners

Geisha is a 30-tooth medium texturizing shear that will float through your client’s hair. Each tooth is micro serrated and perfectly arched, allowing the hair to slip through without catching or grabbing.

Geisha Scissor and Thinner Bundle also available.

Little Fingers

“Effortless”, is the word our Hairdressers use to describe “GEISHA”.

It is ideal for the lady with smaller fingers. It is also lighter in weight to allow you the Stylist to create perfect haircuts all day without the weightiness.

Geisha relieves strain from your fingers through to your arms down to the base of your spine, encouraging perfect posture every time.

You and your clients deserve Geisha.

6030 Texturiser.

Black Titanium In order to achieve this unique Shear, Mirror black titanium employs a process using Mirror Black-Ti™. This is an exclusive titanium alloy composed of rare earth metals, this distinctive alloy is far more costly than other titanium products due to the rarity of the alloy materials.

MIRROR BLACK TITANIUM IS EXTREMELY DURABLE. Your new Mirror black titanium Shear will hold up to a lifetime of wear. This patented alloy is not a coating. It’s heat and atmospherically treated to a black ceramic surface. It has passed all wear tests and It does not fade nor scratch easily and holds an edge much longer than most shears.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Miller, Verified Buyer
Durability Meets Style

Geisha Professional Scissors are a blend of precision and comfort. They make every haircut a masterpiece.

The best!

I really like my Geisha Scissors Bundle. Very lite and just loved it!
Thank you Shear Genius

Sophia Davis
"Ergonomic and Precise"

"I love the ergonomic design and precision of Geisha scissors."

Alice Martinez
"Top Choice for Pros"

"As a professional, Geisha is my top choice for scissors."

Hannah Anderson
"Aesthetic and Practical"

"These scissors are both aesthetically pleasing and practical."