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Why Are Hairdressing Scissors So Expensive?

Why Are Shear Genius Hairdressing Scissors Worth the Investment?

By Matthew Grumley, Award-Winning Hairdresser and Scissorsmith, CEO of ShearGenius

In the ever-evolving world of hairdressing and barbering, one question often arises: why are professional hairdressing scissors, like those from Shear Genius, considered a significant investment? Let's unravel the factors that contribute to the cost and why Shear Genius scissors represent value for money in the long run.

Superior Steel Quality - The Shear Genius Standard

At Shear Genius, we understand that the essence of any great hairdressing scissor lies in its material. Unlike ordinary scissors, our hairdressing scissors are crafted from premium-grade steels like Japanese and German steel. These materials ensure longevity, less frequent sharpening, and a lighter feel, making them a staple in professional salons.

Shear Genius scissors use various high-quality steel grades, from the robust 440A to the elite Hitachi ATS 314, ensuring that every cut is precise and effortless.

The Art of Edges – Precision Cutting with Shear Genius

The edge of a scissor blade is where Shear Genius truly shines. Our range includes:

  • Bevelled Edge: Ideal for traditional cuts and favored by barbers for its durability and suitability for blunt cutting.
  • Convex Edge: Offers an ultra-sharp, fine cut, perfect for slide cutting and intricate styling.
  • Semi-Convex Edge: A versatile choice, blending the qualities of bevelled and convex edges, ideal as a secondary tool for diverse cutting techniques.

These specialized edges ensure that Shear Genius scissors are adept at handling the delicate nature of hair, unlike standard scissors.

Craftsmanship – The Shear Genius Signature

Behind every pair of Shear Genius scissors is an artisan's dedication to craftsmanship. From the ergonomic design to the fusion of hard steel, each scissor is a testament to skilled craftsmanship. This meticulous process justifies the investment, as you're not just buying a tool; you're investing in a piece of art that will enhance your styling precision.

The Shear Genius Promise – Longevity and Professionalism

Investing in Shear Genius hairdressing scissors means choosing tools that last. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our scissors promise enduring quality and performance. The difference is palpable – from the feel in your hand to the cut's smoothness. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily salon use, making them a wise investment for your career.

Conclusion – A Wise Investment for Every Stylist

Understanding the cost behind high-quality hairdressing scissors like those from Shear Genius helps appreciate their value. They are not just tools; they are an extension of your skill and style. By choosing Shear Genius, you're investing in scissors that enhance your craftsmanship and endure the test of time.

Remember, in the world of hairdressing and barbering, the quality of your scissors can elevate your artistry to new heights. Choose Shear Genius for scissors that truly reflect your professional dedication.