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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Hairdressing Scissors in Australia

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By Matthew Grumley, Award-Winning Hairdresser and Scissorsmith, CEO of ShearGenius

Selecting the perfect hairdressing scissors is crucial for both comfort and efficiency. Ideal hairdressing shears reduce strain on your hand, wrist, and elbow, minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome - common issues in the hairdressing profession. To ensure you pick the best hairdressing scissors, it's essential to understand how to hold them correctly.

How to Properly Hold Hairdressing Scissors

  • Little Finger Position: Rests on the finger rest.
  • Ring Finger: Goes into the top finger hole.
  • Index and Middle Fingers: Rest along the stem.
  • Thumb: Fits into the thumb hole.

Refer to our visual guide for a clearer understanding.

Choosing the Style: Straight vs. Offset Scissors

When it comes to professional hairdressing scissors, you're spoilt for choice with the variety of styles and shapes available. The primary handle layouts are:

  • Straight Scissors: A traditional design where the finger and thumb holes are aligned in a straight line. Popular among barbers, these are often included in college kits for hairdressing students.
  • Offset Scissors: These feature an inwardly moved thumb hole, allowing a more natural hand position and reducing RSI risks.

For a more in-depth comparison and visual aids, see our detailed guide.

What Size Should You Choose?

The size of your hairdressing scissors largely depends on personal preference. Longer blades enable quicker haircuts, making barber scissors typically larger than regular ones. Remember, the size is measured from the blade tip to the end of the furthest finger hole (excluding the finger rest).

A common sizing method: align the finger hole at the base of your thumb, and the blade tip should reach the last section of your middle finger.

Selecting the Cutting Edge: Serrated or Convex?

  • Serrated Scissors: Ideal for beginners, these have one serrated blade that grips hair for a straight cut. Barbers favor them for their longevity between sharpenings.
  • Convex Edge Scissors: Known for their sharpness and smooth cutting, convex blades are excellent for slice cutting and chopping.

Shear Genius offers a wide range of both serrated and convex edge scissors, catering to all your cutting needs.

Right or Left-Handed Scissors: Making the Right Choice

While about 12% of Australian hairdressers are left-handed, the sales of left-handed scissors are significantly lower. It's essential to choose scissors suited to your dominant hand for ease of use and reduced strain.

For Left-Handed Stylists

It's crucial to use left-handed scissors as they are specifically designed to facilitate easier cutting and reduce hand strain.

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