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I designed these texturisers to remove gentle or aggressive texture.
Although the Werewolf looks scary, they effortless and flawlessly remove weight helping you blend and texturise. They take out as much or as little as you want.
They also allow the stylist to add texture without compromising the haircuts structure. 
This multi-functional texturiser will not only help unleash your creativity, but also level up your current skill set. More than a pleasure to use, these scissors induce fun and make every haircut better.

10-tooth Texture/Channelers 
Micro-Serrated Grooved Teeth
Japanese VG-10 premium Alloy 
Straight/Symmetrical Handle
Tension Adjuster
Convex Edge
Lifetime Warranty
Free Oil & Chamois Cloth
Free Finger Inserts
Free 4 shear Leather case 

Blade Length: 6 cm

Screw Colour:
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