The “EMPERORS” Barber Scissor and Thinner Bundle

The “EMPERORS” Barber Scissor and Thinner Bundle

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ShearGenius designed “EMEROR’ over 10 years ago, 

The Emperor feels like a glove, and it improves your posture and cutting technique 10-fold.

This means you will have no sore ligaments after 30 haircuts each Day, 6 Days a week.  

Emperor is the Ultimate Shear, designed by Barbers for Barbers. 

ShearGenius has now launched “Emperor Black Scorpion” at an exceptional price. 

Bundle includes:

6.0, 6.5, or 7inch Shear
6026 Thinner

Screw Colour:
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Mirror Black Titanium In order to achieve this unique Shear, Mirror black titanium employs a process using Mirror Black-Ti™. This is an exclusive titanium alloy composed of rare earth metals, this distinctive alloy is far more costly than other titanium products due to the rarity of the alloy materials.

MIRROR BLACK TITANIUM IS EXTREMELY DURABLE. Your new Mirror black titanium Shear will hold up to a lifetime of wear. This patented alloy is not a coating. It's heat and atmospherically treated to a black ceramic surface. It has passed all wear tests and It does not fade nor scratch easily and holds an edge much longer than most shears.