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Scissor Sharpening - Victoria

Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening

Feel the difference razor-sharp scissors make to your next haircutting experience with our mobile scissor sharpening service.

With no call out fee, and for just $60 per scissor, we come to you and sharpen on site. With loan scissors to ensure you are not left empty-handed, Matt will rejuvenate your scissors to a perfect edge.

We use scissor sharpening technology that has transformed the industry.

With over 28 years of Shear exellence, your hairdressing scissors will be sharpened by the Managing director of ShearGenius "Matt Grumley" who is an award winning scissor designer and regarded as One of Australia's best Scissorsmiths.

Matt uses the latest equipment to make your precious tools feel like new with the Shear Sharpening service.

In Australia, few companies are capable of looking after your precious hairdressing scissors, so don’t risk having to buy new scissors earlier than is necessary.

Phone the office on 0487 391 647 or click here to book an appointment.

Shear Sharpening
Shear Sharpening
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