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How to avoid costly mistakes when buying hairdressers scissors

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Are you a hairdresser who wants to save money by buying the right scissors? Or maybe you’re familiar with some of the following scenarios:

  • Your scissors feel uncomfortable in your hand
  • You’ve wasted money from buying wrong scissors in the past
  • You get tendonitis or RSI after using your scissors
  • It takes you longer than it should to cut hair with the scissors you’re currently using
  • You’re tired of complaining about using less than average scissors
  • You need to replace your scissors

Great, but we bet you don’t know how to decide which scissors to buy, or the difference between good scissors and bad scissors.

As a hairdresser with over 28 years experience, Matt Grumley, has developed expert knowledge in scissor manufacturing and is passionate about using the right tools for the job. His interest extends to being a skilled scissorsmith and CEO of Shear Genius Scissorsmiths, while he continues to maintain a growing number of customers requiring his scissor sharpening services.

Matt has experienced the frustration first-hand of using poor quality scissors that make cutting hair more difficult than it needs to be; whilst trying to keep clients happy by making sure they’re satisfied with the results before leaving the salon.

So Matt wrote this report to help hairdressers determine how to choose the right scissors; and he wants you to have a copy FREE of charge!

Discover how to buy the right pair of scissors

The report tells you all you need to know about how to choose the correct pair of scissors and explains different manufacturing techniques. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Different scissor manufacturing styles and methods
  • How scissors are made
  • Metals
  • Coloured and serrated scissors
  • Differences between Asian vs. European manufactured scissors (set vs. feel, sizes, thinners)
  • How to determine the correct size
  • Straight vs. offset scissors
  • Balance of the scissor
  • Left-handed scissors
  • Country of origin
  • Myths

This comprehensive guide to choosing the right scissors to suit you, will ensure you make an informed purchase decision when next buying hairdressing scissors, and best of all it is absolutely FREE!

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